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ARKON Monthly Short Sea News 12/2017

Double Christening Ceremony of MV „BG Diamond“ & MV “BG Jade”

Double Christining  Ceremony of MV "BG Diamond" & MV "BG Jade"

We are pleased to announce that on the 13th of November 2017 the M/V "BG Diamond" was successfully christened by Mrs. Zhu Bangjia and on the same day the M/V ´BG Jade´ was same professional way christened by Mrs. Elisabeth Jüngerhans.


Both God Mothers did marvels job and the bottle(s) broke on the first attempt.


During the ceremony all guests could see by their own eyes that the Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard Co. Ltd. made a brilliant job making the MV BG "Diamond" & MV "BG Jade" shine like jewels.


The MV "BG Diamond" has in the meantime on the 05th December 2017 also been successfully delivered by the shipyard to its new Owners. The same is expected to happen for the MV "BG Jade" during January 2018.


MV "BG Diamond" will soon leave the shipyard direction Rotterdam where she will enter into a long term charter with B.B. Freight Line B.V.


We are looking forward to the delivery of the following three sister vessels.

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Positionspapier Short Sea Shipping - ERSTU

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1000 TEU Jüngerhans/CIMC Oric, Changhong S/O - Launching Ceremony of Hull No. CHB062

We are proud to announce the launch of Hull Number CHB062, TBN BG DIAMOND, on July 19th, 2017, at Changhong International Shipyard.

This is the first ship in a series of 4 state of the art, skrubber fitted, 1000TEU, feeder container ships, chartered long term to BG Freight Lines.

The proud owners are a joint venture between Jüngerhans Maritime Services and CIMC Oric.

The project was developed by ARKON Shipping who also arranged for the long term charter of the vessels.

All ships are being built on a tailor made design and specification developed to meet the needs of the charterers trade, and will be delivered on time.

The ship will go to service the Continent - Ireland Line and will be environmentally friendly, efficient and technologically advanced.

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Rhenus takes shareholding in ARKON

Rhenus beteiligt sich an ARKON

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1.004 TEU CONTAINER FEEDER - keel laying & steel cutting - BG. Freight Line BV

On the 13th January 2017 we had successful ceremonies for the keel laying of the first and second new building and steel cutting of vessels no. three and four.


These ships are being built by Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard Co. Ltd., in close cooperation with Jüngerhans Maritime Services as Owners and the Charterers B.G. Freight Line BV.


The design is tailor-made by CIMC Orig in order to comply with Charterers cargo requirements and fitted with an exhaust emission cleaning system.





Our latest newbuilding, MV INDUSTRIAL SONG, has successfully delivered by the shipyard and entered into her long term employment with INTERMARINE.

Following MV INDUSTRIAL SKIPPER, MV INDUSTRIAL STRENGHT and MV INDUSTRIAL SWIFT she is completing our small series of so-called "ECOLIFT500" type.

The vessels have about 12,300dwt, they are fitted with 2x250mt NMF cranes, which are combinable to 500mt.

At 15knots they consume about 16mt fuel. The vessels are optimized for the carriage Project-, Heavy Lift-, IMO- cargoes and any kind of bulk cargoes and containers and fulfill current and future environmental rules.


For a better impression please click the below link: