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Mar 2009 MV Bellatrix J (to be renamed MV Industrial Egret) Delivered into Intermarine's Services


The Industrial Egret (ex Bellatrix J), the second in a series of four newbuldings to enter the Intermarine fleet in the next twelve months was delivered to Intermarine in Portugal in mid February. The vessel arrived in Santos, Brazil March 6, where it loaded Wind Energy Components for Houston. Santos was the first port of call on the vessel's maiden voyage. Nominated as the E-Class series, these 10,000 DWT vessels feature dual 250 metric ton cranes that may be combined for 500 ton lifts. With an overall length of 139 meters and beam of 20 meters, the ships have a similar hull design as the seven Century and six Diamond class vessels operated by Intermarine services, but with increased cargo carrying capacity. The remaining two vessels in the series called Industrial Edge and Industrial Echo will be delivered in intervals of about three months thereafter. Intermarine has found this versatile, midsize project/heavy-lift carrier ideal for the customized voyage construction that the companyspecializes in. Over the past eight years, this class ship has become the workhorse of the Intermarine fleet.

Intermarine provides regular and reliable project transportation in the Americas and Asia as well as customized services worldwide.

ARKON SHIPPING & PROJECTS is the Commercial Agent in Europe for all services of Industrial Maritime Carriers, LLC (Intermarine Group).

Policy Document on the Current Crisis of the Maritime Industry


As at mid-March, the AXS Alphaliner industry service reports 484 container ships laid up without business. The report says this corresponds to almost 12% of the world container ship fleet. That number is rapidly increasing. One month ago, about 300 vessels were without business compared to just 70 in October 2008. The fear is that until the end of the year laid-up tonnage will be rising to 20% world-wide.

More facts:
About 90% of world trade is transacted by sea transport. In order for that world trade to be transacted, the supplier, the recipient and also the goods carrier need to be sure that the deliveries will be paid for...