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European parcel service

With more than 50 vessels we sail the coasts of Europe as well as North- and West Africa regulary. More than 600 sqare metres deck space per vessel are available for easy and bulky goods, e.g. tanks or blades, which can quickly be shipped "en route" in a cheap way. The new service shall relieve the road traffic and result into less carbon dioxide emissions.

The service contains four ranges:
  • Antwerp - Amsterdam / UK-Irland
  • North France / La Coruna / Portugal
  • West Med / Italy / Adria / East Med
  • Adria / East Med / Black Sea

For every range Arkon has set up sailing list showing the departure times and destinations. All ranges can be connected. To get a quick reply on an enquiry a new e-mail address has been set up for project/part cargoes:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


At this address the Arkon-Logistic-Team will attend to your shipping requests in order to find a satisfying solution.