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ARKON ALLIED CONTAINER GmbH & Co. KG (AAC) is a dynamic and global brokerage house exclusively handling a large, modern and diversified fleet of container vessels. AAC is active in container chartering, sales and purchase, project development and pool management. ARKON ALLIED CONTAINER was established in June 2018 by ARKON Shipping GmbH & Co. KG, Allied Feederships Chartering GmbH & Co. KG and well-established shipowners.

AAC offers a wide variety of services within the maritime industry with a particular focus on trust and transparency between shipowners and charterers.

With expertise and long established relationships, the goal is to offer our clients competitive, innovative and efficient transport solutions within container markets paving the way for a sustainable future. AAC aims to grow further with their present shareholders, but is likewise open for new partners.

Container chartering is the core business. Containerships have played and will be playing a major part in global trade and economic growth. It is important that one meets the logistical challenges of the future.

AAC’s established clients put their trust in their brokers’ competencies, excellent market research and global network towards charterers and other owners alike. The AAC management and its employees are the backbone of this operation, offering their client base to their customers. AAC is a pioneer in green technology and has profound experience with fuel saving technologies, LNG propulsion and installation of scrubber in new buildings and retrofitting.

The investment around 'the ship' is highly exposed to an ever changing market environment with particular challenges in greenhouse emissions, technologies and financial regulations requiring goal orientated decision making. With practical experience and extensive knowledge of the markets, AAC advises their customers and guides them through the process of purchasing or selling a vessel. This is not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, but a tailor-made solution taking into account the philosophy of the individual client in close cooperation with external shipping partners and financiers.

The shipping industry is facing particular challenges in the years ahead and we are presently at a turning point in history able to shape the future concerning environmental protection, ballast water treatment, the consumption of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources.

AAC is a leader in the European feeder market which includes the very strict Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA). In this segment AAC initiated, developed and concluded a variety of new building/retrofitting projects for our clients in this region which are scrubber and LNG solutions. With such knowledge and experience in hand, similar projects could be developed for any other trading area regardless of type and size of vessel.

Our global network to shipowners, charterers, brokers, shipyards, investors and banks has been developed over the past 20 years by the AAC management and its employees enabling the team to meet the high requirements faced within the global shipping industry.

AAC can be a guide through every step of your project as your broker and consultant.

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